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Host drag queen events by inviting some of the best drag stars from around the world. We have the top drag performers on our list who you can hire to make your parties and weddings more vibrant and cheerful, filled with unending fun and entertainment.

As a drag queens agency, we have got you super talented stars who will elevate the energy levels of your event, making the evening a memorable experience. From playing different roles to hosting speeches and relaying funny stories, our drag queens know how to fire up the evenings and leave your guests wowed.

Books Your Drag Queen has stars even from Rupaul’s Drag Race who become the highlight of your party. The drag queen shows organized for your parties or weddings will have glamour, amazing content, and every ingredient of a fun-loaded event.

You will be reminded of all famous drag queens and even get to know new ones who all share one thing in common – quality performance! If you like your entertainment to come in high heels, outrageous wigs, and glittering drag queens and are looking for the best drag queen events near me, look no further. Book Your Drag Queen has got the top artists lined up for you.

Your drag queen wedding will be a dazzling show, full of glitter, saucy banter, and songs that you and your partner could dance to you. There will be songs you can expect to be blasted out and lip-synced. Contact us now to enquire about booking fee, one of our best performers who can turn into the heart of your night.

Our drag queens have an extensive and stunning costume collection that goes with any theme, occasion, or color scheme. In case you have a different theme, you can notify us when booking so that our designers are able to design the perfect look to take your event to the next level.

The performers at Book Your Drag Queen are comedians, singers, dancers, models, and so much more. The talent reserve is endless to make sure you and your guests have the time of your life. For events that involve families, you can ask for family-friendly drag acts. These acts make sure that the comedy or acts performed taken into consideration the presence of children and the environment.

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Book for your special day or any of our incredible drag performers who can spice up your special day, so you have more things to enjoy and celebrate. Dance to the tune of funny banters and melodious songs that our super talented drag queens master at.

Apart from the drag queen show, our performers can arrange exciting games to cheer up the crowd. Make your special and big day a memorable one for all your guests by arranging a lit wedding party owing to the talent of our incredible drag queens.

Depending on the act the drag queen will be offering, you have to set a stage or arrange for the space. In the case of a stand-alone act that comprises comedy and singing, you will need a big enough stage for the artist to perform comfortably. When you hire a drag queen for drag queen events, you have to make sure you have extra room for theatrics. You can contact the drag queen by using our personal messaging service.

Drag Queens mostly stick to their own props and equipment. When using our messaging platform to communicate with your drag artist, you can enquire about the things you might need to take care of. There must be a backstage area for the drag queen artist to prepare for the act or performance.

Know for her over-the-top and conceptual looks, book now to host a crazy evening. We have a number of incredible drag queen performers who are not afraid to light up the room. You have many options for drag queens who, with their fiercely aesthetic looks and outstanding performance, will make all your events an unforgettable experience for you and your guests.

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Drag is an art that only a few can master. It is powerful, embracing, and a perfect way to celebrate. Whether it is any event or occasion, drag acts have a magical way of spreading laughter and providing entertainment. Not everyone can do this. Book Your Drag Queen allows you to hire a drag queen from our amazing list of drag performers who will have the perfect content ready to make your evenings a blast!

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